We promote the success of our collaborators with the ‘Supervisor 360’ program

Jul 14, 2023

As part of our commitment to the personal and professional development of our employees, we closed the second “Supervisor 360” training. The closing event took place at the California farm, located in Pisco, and was attended by the head of human management and field managers, who praised the hard work done by the supervisors.

For four days, thirty field supervisors immersed themselves in a training program designed to strengthen their skills in key areas such as quality, remuneration, and labor relations, essential for the successful development of their activities. We pride ourselves on offering opportunities for growth and development, fostering an environment conducive to your advancement both inside and outside the company.

“At AgroMIGIVA, we believe in the potential of our talented team and are committed to providing them with the necessary tools for their success,” said Paul, Head of Talent Development. “Our purpose is clear: to break records in the 2023 blueberry campaign, with the aim of continuing to produce the best fruit in the world. We are sure that the ‘Supervisor 360’ training has further strengthened the skills and knowledge of our supervisors, preparing them to face the challenges that arise.

With this initiative, we reaffirm our commitment to be a leader in the agricultural industry, not only in terms of product quality, but also in the development of human talent. The focus on the personal and professional growth of employees ensures that we continue to provide exceptional products and maintain a leading position in the global marketplace.


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