• We are very proud of the positive impact we generate in society and we have affirmed this since the establishment of the company’s statutes.
  • We ensure a work environment where transparency is paramount, we have a Code of Ethics and we have implemented an Ethics Committee and an Ethics Line (email, text messaging and anonymous calls), in turn, when we join the AgroMIGIVA Family , we are trained on our regulations and communication channels.
  • One of our financial audits is based on International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), through the International Accounting Standards Board.

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  • One of our financial audits is based on International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), through the International Accounting Standards Board.
  • Water is a very valuable resource that we must care for and use responsibly. For this reason, we have a drip irrigation system to optimize the use of water.
  • We carry out good recycling and disposal practices for hazardous, non-hazardous waste and toxic wastewater.
  • The sustainable management of agricultural ecosystems is essential to work in a friendly way with the planet, to prove it, we have the Global Gap certification.
  • We protect the diversity of flora and fauna! We monitor and record endangered species through the use of DAAC.

 Impact area: WORKERS

  • All MIGIVA group companies, including Agricola Andrea are equal opportunity employers.
  • All of us who belong to the AgroMIGIVA Family are formally registered on the company’s payroll.
  • Feedback is love! We care about constantly growing and improving, we have a performance evaluation system which allows us to have a guide for it.
  • We say NO to discrimination and YES to equal opportunities for everyone, we have a written Non-Discrimination Policy.
  • We seek to #GrowGrowing, at AgroMIGIVA we will always give priority to the internal call in all the search processes for new positions and promotions.
  • We are always willing to improve. Every year, we carry out a Labor Climate Survey, to evaluate the perception of collaborators about the organization in order to take positive actions based on the appreciations and recommendations that arise from it.
  • Our Occupational Health and Safety Management System has statistical data on Accidents and we have a Committee of Workers’ Representatives. We are proud to say that in recent years we have won awards in Preventive Culture.
  • We train all our collaborators who are in contact with hazardous materials when they enter the company and periodically, so they learn to store, handle and dispose of these materials correctly.
  • We seek to work with collaborators who have been with us in previous campaigns, thus strengthening our relationships with those who perform well during pruning, thinning or harvest seasons.
  • We are SMETA certified.

Impact area: COMMUNITY

  • We encourage the hiring of local suppliers and the development of suppliers from the communities in which we are neighbors. More than 80% of our suppliers are local.
  • We are always attentive to compliance with local laws and regulations, especially those related to social and environmental performance when evaluating our suppliers.
  • We seek the development of the communities in which we work and encourage them to be part of our workforce.
  • We have a formal and written policy in the code of conduct for suppliers, for which suppliers are held accountable for their social and environmental performance.
  • All our crops have current international certifications.
  • We are SMETA certified.

Impact area: CUSTOMERS

  • Our crops are permanently reviewed by accredited certification entities such as GLOBAL GAP, PRODUCE SAFETY, SMETA and COSTCO.
  • We always seek feedback from our customers to improve and we have received a high percentage of satisfaction from them.

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